Our expertise

Software Development
3D service

Creating solutions

We like to work with Microcontrollers, Arduino, breadboards and Raspberry PI. We can prototype almost anything, if you got something you would like to connect we can make it work.

Software Development

Software development

Mobile apps or full-blown desktop apps is our passion. We create user friendly apps that you’ll love to work with!

3D service

3D printing service

We are your online 3D printing service. Upload your 3D model, choose a material, select the size of your print, receive a price quote instantly and let us take care of printing your product.

In need of a quick validation of your app idea?
A prototype has multiple benefits, you will get valuable feedback before spending unnecessary resources.
You already have a prototype or validated idea?
Time to move onto the next stage!
We can build a minimum viable product that has just those core features required to start earning revenue.
Scalability is crucial to your app’s success. When your product is scalable, it can accommodate large growth while maintaining a good user experience

Our work ensures that your product is prepared for growth, wether you aim for thousands or even millions of users, our infrastructure will be prepared.

Our promisses

01.Maintainable apps
03.Awesome Success
We build maintainable apps
As programmers, we’ve all seen source code that’s so cluttered and buggy it makes our brain ache. We are aware of how the code we create affects the future. Thinking of the developers that will interact with our code in the future is an important part of our software development approach.
Agile way of working
Our process is collaborative, we work closely with you from project discovery, through requirements gathering, development, testing and delivery. With short sprints of well-defined tasks we are able to start delivering working software as soon as possible

We work with iterative cycles and with regular deliveries. We periodically review the product with you, and are able to change priorities and introduce new requirements

We will always be transparent you know what we’re working on and how long it will take

Set Yourself Up for Awesome Success
We deliver architectures that combine functionality with cost- and resource- efficiency. We use the best practices as design layering to minimize dependencies, make business logic efficient, and improve the maintainability of your code. We also provide detailed documentation that you can rely on to take architecture and software development forward on your own.

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Interested in working together on your next project?

We can quickly set up a video call to get to know each other and exchange some ideas.

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